Hyrstmount Panels


Created by Class 5 Year 4 This banner depicts what Batley's earliest beginnings might have looked as a family settlement. Batley began as a'lea' in a wood way back in Saxon times. Batley beck would have been a crystal clear trout filled stream meandering through ancient woodland providing a rich source of food and materials for the Bata family who settled to make their home here around 1086.


Created by Class 4 Year 4 This banner moves on to around 1583 . It shows the splendid Tudor Houses Oakwell Hall This magnificent timber framed house was owned by John Batt. Although most of the building we see today is Elizabethan parts of the house have been restored to depict a Tudor Home. The children in year 4 are familiar with the house as they visit it as part of their history studies about the contrasts of Tudor Life.

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Our exhibition is a celebration of art work created by the children of Hyrstmount Junior School, every child participated in creating their class banner.

Each banner represents a particular period of local history depicting the development of Batley from its humble beginnings as a Lea in a wood made by the Saxon family, Bata through to its recent past.

Hyrstmount would like to thank Skopos Fabrics Earlsheaton for their generous donation of fabric without which this project could not have been completed.