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Chris Madge
Photographer / Multimedia

Inset workshop venue- Hyrstmount School Inset theme - Creative Website Design

Chris Madge is a teacher and freelance artist working in digital photography and multimedia. He was appointed as an Advisory Teacher in Photography and Media Education in 1994, a post established with joint funding from Northumberland County Council, the Arts Council of England and Northern Arts. He now works part-time for Northumberland LEA and has worked on a number of freelance projects in schools, museums and galleries, and with community groups across the northern region. He has pioneered ways of working with digital photography and multimedia in schools, and specialises in working with large groups and with people who have had little or no experience of using computers. He has worked in schools for children with special needs, in adult training centres and with groups of adults with learning disabilities. He has provided training courses for teachers, artists and community workers in the region and has presented his work at national photography conferences.
He has a range of equipment available for use on projects including pinhole cameras, 35mm cameras and processing equipment, digital and video cameras, print and negative scanners, and PC and Acorn computers. Chris is particularly interested to work with groups wishing to experiment with multimedia authoring, CDRom production and web site publication. He has set up the imagePIE to promote the work of photography in education.
For more information contact him at or 0191 2652732