BASC Artist inset workshops

I have just completed a post-graduate thesis entitled 'Group Composition - A [Practical Model for Primary Education' at Huddersfield University, and much of the research for this took place in Kirklees primary schools. I perform and workshop regularly with The Noisy Planet Band. I run the community band in Rawthorpe (Dangerous Volume) which consists of parents and children working together. I regularly run educational workshops for Opera North, The Halle Orchestra, Kirklees Cultural Services, The PRS (Performing Rights Society) and the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival amongst many other local and national organisations. I co-run 'Offshoots', an organisation promoting music concerts and workshops in Kirklees. I have travelled widely in Asia, studying and listening to music, and I have performed in jazz, pop, classical, folk and improvised music groups in many different contexts throughout the world.
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Hugh Nankivell

Inset workshop venue - Lydgate Road

Inset theme -Using one across key stages
I am a freelance musician who works in three main areas: composing, performing and on education projects. When working in educational situations I normally work on composition, improvisation, musical games and performance.

I have several aims in my approach

I have worked in over 200 schools on different projects during the last fourteen years. These projects have varied in length between a half-day session to a three year compositional programme.
* presenting music as an enjoyable activity
* encouraging everyone that they can usefully contribute towards a group composition, improvisation or performance through practical activities
* involving myself as a performer and composer with the class group.
* investigating, and using as a resource, music and instruments from many different traditions (especially when working with The Noisy Planet Band)
* working closely with the class teacher in building his/her confidence, passing on skills