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John Duffy

Inset workshop - Brownhills Infant School

"Everybody has a story to tell, so every writing workshop is an adventure, a discovery, not only for the people taking part in the exercises, but for me too. Asking people to respond in writing to a very ordinary stimulus - a clock, a postcard, a few words of a poem - produces a collection of words which are adventurous, new and unique. People are often surprised and excited by the clarity of memory, by the enjoyment they get from writing it down, and by the impact their words have on the other members of the group."
A former social worker and community development worker, John has been writing full time since 1996. He has been published in Scotland and England and has two collections, Troika and Perpetual Light. Since becoming a full time writer, he has run workhops for a variety of community groups, including new and established writers, people with disabilities, older people, senior and infant school students and users of mental health services.
Inset Theme - Literacy Hour
John Duffy, is one of the Albert Poets, who write, run workshops, organise readings and perform in and beyond West Yorkshire.