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South Asian art is music, dance, craft and literature from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the four countries which constitute South Asia.

The dances of South Asia have their origins from different regions. They can be classical dances such as Bharata Natvam and Kathak or the Folk dances such as Garba, Bhangra and Kandyan Folk dance.

The music of South Asia can be classical or folk and can be either vocal or instrumental. The tabla, sitar and harmonium are well known instruments throughout the subcontinent, and Qawwali is a very popular musical form in Pakistan.

Literature in the form of poetry e.g. Mushaira, Kavi Sammelan and various forms of craft work, including painting, calligraphy, henna painting and cloth painting, go to make up the colourful art forms of South Asia.

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Kala Sangam
South Asian Arts

Inset workshop venue - Warrick Road School

Inset theme - Islamic Arts
Kala Sangam is a Bradford based South Asian arts organisation established in 1996.Kala Sangam's mission is to bring people together through South Asian arts. In Sanskrit Kala means 'Art' and Sangam means 'Merging point'.

Kala Sangam offers:

*Workshops, residencies, lecture demonstrations and performances at primary and secondary schools, colleges, libraries, art galleries and museums across the north of England
*Performances across the north of England at Kala Sangam showcases, festivals and melas
*Publications on South Asian arts
*Regular accredited music and dance class
*Workshops in creative music and movement for people with physical and learning disabilities
What is South Asian Art?